Slideluck Vancouver IV- 5 days away!



Slideluck Vancouver lV is only 5 days away on Friday the 28th. The organizing committee and the artists are all looking forward to meeting and sharing their art, food and community spirit with everyone.

The show features the jury selection of artists from around the world; Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Iran, Jordan, Mongolia, Russia, Spain, United States and of course, Canada. The imagery interprets the theme of “Influence” in so many diverse ways that each new presentation is a tangent from the last and takes you on journey into something or somewhere else.

How are we influenced by architecture or modern culture? What makes us react to art around us or the natural world that we are part of? How did political will shape the landscape or influence our point of view? Does service to your country shape your viewpoint. Can sexual desire or cultural stereotype affect your perception of an image?



Each artist has made a statement with their work and we are privileged to be able to share them with you on Friday. Our mandate is building community through art and food and Slideluck is a very causal chance for the you and the artists to discuss what influences them while enjoying the work of others and sharing a meal together.

On behalf of our team I hope you will join us on Friday to see great art, enjoy good food and make new friends!

Featured Artists:
Albert Law・Alessia Palermiti・Alexander Moiseev・Barbara Tili・Carson Cartier・Christopher Herwig・David Ellingsen・Dina Goldstein・ Gerardo Filocamo・Jeff Topham・ Jon West・ Katia (Ekaterina) Repina・Kristopher Grunert・Laara Cerman・Marika Dee・ Marjan Kochak Yazdi・Olivia Sari-Goerlach・Ryan Mah・Sally Buck・Sofia Bensadon
 Tickets at Eventbrite

Community and Social Media
Slideluck is all about building community. Please help us to make the evening a great success. Like us on Facebook, Tweet @slideluckvan, follow us on Instagram and generally share the event with friends and colleagues, particularly if you’re in the Vancouver area.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at
See you on Friday!


Tina Mohns and Rick Etkin
Co-directors Slideluck Vancouver


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