Slideluck Vancouver- Deadline March 25

Do you have influence with the images you create? Do you like to help build community, good food and art? Slideluck Vancouver 4 is coming soon and the submissions deadline is getting closer!


Influence, Food, Art and Community – Slideluck Vancouver is bringing these all together for one amazing night on Friday April 28th as part of this year’s Capture Photo Festival. Co-produced with CAPIC Vancouver, this Slideluck is being held in Beaumont Art Studio’s Grand Hall and will showcase work selected by our world class jury, feature food from 2 of Vancouver’s top food trucks and allow an evening of dance after the show!

Our theme for image submission this year is “Influence.” What does that mean to you? How do you use influence in your art and imagery? Do you try to influence people or an outcome with images?  Who or what influences your work?


Please note: the theme is “Influence,” but submissions can be any cohesive body of work in photography or lens based multimedia that is a personal project of the artist. There are no set number of artists that need to follow the theme so any work submitted will be viewed by the jury and selected based on the work and it’s artistic merit.

Slideluck Vancouver IV will present a body of work from approximately 20 artists that showcase their creative work in an evening of community building, eating great food and seeing images presented on a big screen.

As an extra perk, the best submissions will be published in Slideluck Editorial.


Slideluck is non-profit arts organization dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and art. Since 2000, Slideluck has been bringing events that combine a multimedia slideshow with a potluck dinner to over 85 cities and communities all over the world.

Slideluck is a forum for exposing artists, curators, collectors, editors, and the public to new work, while infusing the arts community with a non-commercial vitality and refreshing exchange. Slideluck has become a place for artists and arts-appreciators to come together and share their work in a congenial, non-competitive atmosphere. Each event is localized in that artists from a community present work to that community.


Deadline has been extended to March 25th!


All artists are invited to submit to Slideluck Vancouver IV.  More details on submission can be found at

This event is made possible by the global sponsorship of Brooklyn Brewery and Sandbox and the generous production support of CAPIC Vancouver.

For more information email or visit


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