Special opportunity for CAPIC members- an evening with Jer Thorp

CAPIC and GDC members get special advanced purchase of tickets to this event. Tickets are only $5 ($20 general public) up until 11 am tomorrow then they go on sale to everyone else with a total of 70 available.

Hosted at HCMA Architecture + Design
400 – 675 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1N2

February 15, 2017
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Jer Thorp is an artist and educator from Vancouver, Canada, currently living in New York. Coming from a background in genetics, his digital art practice explores the many-folded boundaries between science, data, art, and culture. Thorp’s award-winning software-based work has been exhibited in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, including in the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.

Jer is a co-founder and principal of The Office For Creative Research, a multi-disciplinary research group exploring new modes of engagement with data. He is an adjunct Professor in New York University’s ITP program, and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Network on Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things, and the Future of Trust. From 2010 – 2012, Jer was the Data Artist in Residence at the New York Times. He is a National Geographic Fellow, and has been named by Canadian Geographic as one of Canada’s Greatest Explorers.


Get tickets here



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