One of the Featured Artists of this years Slideluck III- Mirna Pavlovic

Meet Featured Artist for Slideluck III – Mirna Pavlovic!


Mirna explores the beauty and the ruin of abandoned places: “never truly dead, yet never really alive. They precariously tread along the border between life and death, decay and growth, the seen and the unseen …”

In her words:
Abandoned places exist on the edge of known space, in a reality of their own. Never truly dead, yet never really alive. They precariously tread along the border between life and death, decay and growth, the seen and the unseen, confusingly encompassing both at the same time, and thus leaving the ordinary passer-by overwhelmed with an uncertainty of what to do, a discrepancy between the wish to look away and the unconscious desire to step into it. In a culture that increasingly restricts movement in urban environments, exploring abandoned spaces becomes equally as incongruous in nature as the spaces being explored. The act of exploring, like the abandonments, becomes in itself an act that is both invisible and increasingly present. Both suppressed and flourishing. Explorers are drawn to places that merge these opposing unconscious forces with such a tangible brutality, and they themselves become vehicles of disparity, embodying and assimilating the radical alterity offered by abandonments. This project strives to explore these questions of identity and how abandoned spaces not only flirt with, but rather merge polar opposites which, in turn, appeal to our own unconscious desires to walk on the edge of what should or shouldn’t be done, in places that struggle to find their own definition.

Slideluck Vancouver's photo.
Slideluck Vancouver's photo.

What is Slideluck?

A juried art photography slideshow + potluck style dinner; in conjunction with CAPTURE Photography Festival.
Co-hosted with CAPIC Vancouver. (Note: we provide the food!)
Tickets: $30 Doors at 6pm – Slideshow at 8pm

Slideluck Vancouver is part of a worldwide series of juried, curated photography focused slideshow/potluck dinners, which brings together diverse groups of people, art, food, music, ideas and perspectives. Slideluck is dedicated to gathering people face-to-face to share an inspiring evening of photography, dialogue and connections.

Note: We provide dinner; lovingly prepared by local restaurants and foodie volunteers committed to community. : )

Saturday, 23 April 2016 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PDT) Add to Calendar
Performance Works – 1218 Cartwright St. Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada – View Map

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite


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