Meet two of our speakers Katie Huisman and Alex Waterhouse Hayward

CAPIC Vancouver has gathered a number of incredible Vancouver based, influential photographers from variety of different disciplines. Join us for one evening of discussion with the topic “How Images Affect Us” A “Pecha Kucha”/Creative Mornings” style of talk where each photographer will have 7 minutes to discuss their photography and how it impacts themselves and others, this will be followed by a Q and A session with all of the participants.

Two of those photographers are Katie Huisman and Alex Waterhouse Hayward



As a commercial photographer, artist and educator, Katie Huisman has been analyzing her relationship to photography over it’s span of 18 years as well as society’s relationship to it for the past century and a half.

Katie has been analyzing her relationship to photography over it’s span of 18 years as well as society’s relationship to it for the past century and a half.  Life becomes more interesting through the lens of a camera. Katie also realized this incessant need to photograph everything, is not just her obsession, it is a global obsession.

Photography is a universal language. It’s accessibility allows us to shoot and consume images at a rapid pace.  The camera has given us the ability to publicly explore our own voyeurism and narcissism.   The constant evolution of the medium is exciting; yet image consumption is changing how we experience physical reality.

Alex Waterhouse Hayward


Alex Waterhouse-Hayward is a commercial and fine art photographer, who is nationally recognized for his magazine and portrait photography.

One of Canada’s most experienced magazine and portrait photographers, Alex has photographed celebrities (Bob Hope, Candice Bergen, Dennis Hopper), politicians (Larry Campbell, Carole James, Jack Layton) actors (Molly Parker, Nicholas Campbell) writers (William Gibson, Nick Bantock, Douglas Coupland, Mario Vargas Llosa) and enough CEOs and business leaders to start his own capitalist army. His favourite photographic subjects are his granddaughter and the roses and hostas that populate his garden.

Alex’s pictures have appeared in publications ranging from the New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Stern to Readers’ Digest, the Globe and Mail and the Georgia Straight. His commercial work has adorned everything from annual reports to postage stamps.



The other speakers include:

  • Paul Colangelo
  • David duChemin
  • Angela Fama
  • Christine Germano
  • Vince Hemingson
  • Ross Den Otter
  • Pooya Nabei

A full list can be found here: WARNING there will be some nudity and perhaps some images not appropriate for all viewers

April 15, 2015                                                                                                                                        SFU Woodwards

Members $10 Non-members $15

Buy tickets here:

NOTE: Due to the nature of the industry, please keep in mind that the panel line-up is subject to change


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