CAPIC is changing and we want you to be a part of it!

CAPIC is changing and we want you to be a part of it!

CAPIC AGM                                                                                                                                             Studio 31 –  31 East 5th Avenue                                                                                                       Wednesday March 18th  6:00-9:00 pm

Come out this Wednesday and be part of planning CAPIC’s future and meet the board and committee members. This AGM will be followed by top creative business coach and manager, Corwin Hiebert and his presentation “Get Down to Business” This power-packed, 2-hour workshop is for photographers and graphic designers who want to start or grow their freelance business. More information in the event section of our blog –

register for the event at

In the search to make CAPIC relevant, vibrant and viable as a professional organization over the past few months the CAPIC board has reached out to some emerging photographers and students at the local colleges/universities. Here is some input into what they see as will make CAPIC a more valuable organization.

1. Getting Work:

– Consistently be introducing members to potential employers (portfolio reviews, speaking events, office tours, etc).

– Gallery and agency/design house tours

– Leadership opportunities

-Participation in CAPIC, as a school liaison will help build future networks

2. Exclusive Learning Opportunities:

– Workshops, webinars, speaking events, assisting opportunities

– Mentorship program. Perhaps every member is paired with a mentor whose job it is to help the member succeed and get more value from CAPIC

3. Discounts on useful things:

– Always be bringing in new discounts to keep members happy.

– Talk to various rental houses about a small gift certificate for every new member?

– There are many discounts we have in place through the National office so adding locally is even more beneficial to members

4. Socializing

– Being a solo-artist can be lonely. We all need community. We are trying to add opportunities that get members and potential members together in a social environments and help build peer networks

We’ve already started:                                                                                                                           -A new website has been created

-A new blog to share information and soon members work

-Active Social Media Channels

-We had guest illustrator Ola Volo speak about her work to members and to the Capilano  University IDEA Student members.

-The AGM with guest speaker Corwin Heibert

-Photography exhibit for members only for the Capture Festival

-How Image Affect Us: A panel of 12 incredible photographers sharing their stories                 

Please come to the AGM, and share your vision for CAPIC. If you want to join we could use some help on the board or even and occasional volunteer.  We could use your input into what sorts of things you would like to see in Capic!

The CAPIC Vancouver Board



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