First Impressions CAPIC Member’s Showcase Submission

(All CAPIC members welcome – participation is free)

You usually only get one opportunity to make a first impression, now you can have a 2nd, 3rd and 4th. How, you ask? Well, during the Portfolio Speed Review, we are projecting your images BIG onto a screen at the venue. A digital showcase for CAPIC members only!

It will run both during the reviews and the after party. Get noticed over and over! Pick 3 of your best, or maybe something completely off the wall and show them what you can do!

Even if you aren’t getting reviewed, you can still make a few impressions!

Pick three of your best images and prepare them to the following specs:
1. Jpg @2000 pixels on the longest side.
2. Adobe (1998) Color space
3. Title each submission with your last name-CAPIC member number-1,2,3. (eg roth-4321-2.jpg)
4. Put your submissions in a folder labeled with your name.
5. Zip the folder
6. Upload zipped folder to: [ ]

6a. If you have problems with Dropbox , you can email the zipped files directly to

Deadline is Sept 25th so hurry and start shooting or searching.

Any questions please contact Dale at [ ]


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