Honor Your Profession, Honor Yourself

Honor Your Profession, Honor Yourself

C2011 Selina Maitreya


Our industry is in a slump, and I am not referring to the assignment market shrinking or to the lower fees being paid. I am referring to the ongoing negative attitudes and actions that many photographers exhibit daily regarding their potential clients, each other, and our industry.

Now is the time to stop ALL of the pessimistic behavior, the low-balling, and the seemingly constant complaining that permeates on- line list serves, blogs, and daily conversations. This negativity is a poison that continues to fester and infuse our industry and your life with misery.

We as individuals can indeed take leadership and turn our attitudes around. If we choose not to do so, it will be us, not our clients, or royalty free images, or the Getty’s of the world who will be responsible for the demise of our industry.

Strong language? Most definitely.

You can find the rest of this very thought provoking, powerful article on Selina’s website.



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