5th Annual Association BBQ: Doesn’t get any better than this!

Last August 25, 2011, CAPIC Vancouver along with GDC/BC, BCID, SIGGRAPH, TAAC, IXDA or SEGD, had the 5th Annual Association BBQ at the Picnic Area Pavilion of the Trout Lake Park in Vancouver.

5th CAPIC Annual BBQ

The hardworking board members and volunteers arrived around 5:30PM to set up for the BBQ. As soon as the clock struck 6, droves of members came and populated the Picnic Pavilion along with their family members, pets, lawn chairs and mats to enjoy the perfect summer’s eve.

5th CAPIC Annual BBQ

Meeting people from the 5 participating industry associations  seeing familiar faces, playing bocce and croquet and having fun with friends are some key reasons the Association BBQ this year was again a success.

Jack from GDC/BC was the master chef that night, manning the BBQ with CAPIC Chefs Leyla Bahmanyar, Karla Lim, (one more person from GDC I forgot her name, she’s from Capilano), flipping burgers and hotdogs. The line up at the grill seemed endless, everyone looking forward to enjoying the freshly grilled cheeseburgers and veggie burgers, many coming back for seconds.

5th CAPIC Annual BBQ

As part of tradition, Leslie brought her Pedal Pulverizer, the great energy-saving invention of her husband, Darryl Cassidy, where you can power a blender by cycling, and in the process create your own smoothie and/or margarita drink! As she said, more and more people come every year to try this awesome make-your-own-drink-while-exercising bike, and it’s always been a hit at every event! And who could forget the amazing animal “cannon” designed by a SIGGRAPH member? The kids had so much fun stuffing their toys into it and shooting them up to the sky.

5th CAPIC Annual BBQ

Nearly 100 people came to enjoy this fun yearly BBQ. Thank you to all who came out last Thursday! Special thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for making it a success.

See you next year!


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