Wanted: Stories and Images!


capic vancouver social media

July 2011 – CAPIC Vancouver is looking for members that are looking to expand their readership, and willing to give back to the association.


From our previous e-newsletter, we announced the launch of our CAPIC Vancouver social media networks and the WordPress Blog. As part of the content strategy, we need your help. We’re looking for two kinds of content:

1. Photography Related Posts:
Yes, we want YOU to write something based on your own experience that you’d like to share to our fellow members, and to the readers that span all around the world. It could be about photography business, technology, industry, or even a review of a recent article. Keep it short at around 300 words. Include images, diagrams, and other visual keys that could help readers understand your point.

If you don’t know what to write, and you want to do it, talk to us and we’re here to help!

capic vancouver photo related posts

2. Your Stories: 
Yes, we want to hear how you pulled off that shot, or how you dealt with this weather condition and problems with the permits. Do you have a blog, RSS feed, Facebook or Twitter? Do you have events, promotions, upcoming workshops? It’s time to submit it to us and let us know about it. We’ll be very glad to share about your stories on the social media networks and perhaps even on the blog, with due credit, of course!

Email us your blog links and social media networks.

capic vancouver blog posts


We boast of being an image-maker organization, but our blog mostly has text. We want to help promote you as a photographer – if you have some images, graphics, or even videos you’d like to share for our posts such as photographers shooting, new technologies, cameras, products, or anything you think would be useful, we’re accepting submissions and links. We would credit accordingly.

capic vancouver blog images

The end goal of creating all these communication channels is to create a sense of community within our association and to help YOU, not only just to promote you, but to give you a sense of authority and expertise while being supported here in CAPIC.

Submit your stories and images today here.


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