Connect with us on Social Media Networks!


capic vancouver social media

July 2011 – CAPIC Vancouver invites YOU, our member to join us in our social media networks.

Part of our goals as an organization involves creating this sense of community that supports you in your career in this competitive industry. We care you and want to give you this support. In the past years, we have seen how the use of social media has greatly bridged communication between different groups of people. So, we want to cultivate this relationship between the board and the members.

Here are some of the tools we currently use:

1. Facebook:
Once you’ve “liked” us, feel free to comment on our event posts, post questions to ask the community, share some of your experiences or blog posts you’ve written.

capic vancouver facebook

2. Twitter:
Follow us and mention us about your events, photoshoots, blog posts and we’ll retweet them for you! Ask questions, and we’d be glad to answer.

capic vancouver twitter

3. CAPIC blog:
Comment on our posts, or blog about our posts, and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites you’re using.

capic vancouver blog wordpress

What are we talking about in these tools? Aside from CAPIC Events, we would be talking about running your photography business, how the industry works, copyright, and really, what you’re looking at us to talk about.


So, what are you waiting for? FOLLOW US NOW.

Do you want us to post about something specific? Email the VP of Communications here.

P.S. If you haven’t joined these social media networks yet, we’ll be having a Social Media 101 for Photographers workshop soon, watch out for it!


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