About “Photography isn’t dead, the business model is.”

Stumbling upon ASMP’s recent blog post about: Photography isn’t dead, the business model is, we can’t help but say that this is quite true about the industry. Be sure to read it – it has some great insights.

Over the past few years we’ve seen the definition of the career “Photographer” redefined, and it will be redefined yet again in the near future. Not only do you need to know about how to use the camera, lighting equipment, photography subjects, contracts and all – you also need to keep up with the new marketing trends, new technologies, and even where you can speak to your clients the most. The only thing constant is, there will always be change. Don’t be afraid to embrace this change – lest you be left behind.

The truth is, business models were created to showcase an ideal, perhaps at that moment in time – they weren’t made to stay forever. They should be tested again and again with the issues that surround and affect the industry.

Some advice to keep in mind:

  • Diversify, collaborate – but it’s also okay to say no. Clients hire you to be their photographer, although a good number of them would expect you to know a thing or two about videography. Video will definitely be a big part of the future. Don’t be afraid to try, to learn and collaborate with more experienced people. “You’ve already got the eye for it, but motion is a completely different thing”, says Vincent La Foret.  But remember your role in all this – you’re not made to do both at the same time. If you need 100% of your efforts to create that vision for your client, do it. Also, you’re not alone. It’s best to create a team that can help you accomplish this task to the best of your company’s ability.
  • Ask yourself essential questions – What are you doing, what are you doing this for? What are your goals? Write and rewrite your goals every now and then. Push yourself to reach them. Each goal isn’t an end-all. Who is your target audience, how would you like to reach them?
  • Don’t ignore new media marketing – Even though you may assume your target market isn’t in the new media. Chances are, they actually are. The more visible you are to your client, the more opportunities you can get since even people around you will be exposed to your work.

Be yourself, known art buyer Heather Morton mentioned, “Use your personality to your advantage.” It’s not only about being talented now to get the job, it’s who’s more visible to your client, then win them over with your talent.

Be ready to embrace change in the business model – it probably isn’t dead, just reinventing itself every now and then.


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