Don’t RISK missing Heather Morton’s event tomorrow night!

May 25, 2011, CAPIC Vancouver
Heather Morton’s event is just one day away from this moment and we’re all excited for the event tomorrow!

Hashtag for tomorrow’s event is #HMabYVR! Don’t forget to tag your posts on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook. Let’s all talk about it, interact and share to the world!

Just like Photographer Michael Alberstat mentioned,

I believe it’s an investment to attend these discussions just to hear what other industry professionals are saying and doing. As a long time professional photographer it’s in my best interest to always be looking toward the future and be constantly evolving.

Here’s some sneak peek photos from the buzz created last night – aside from the intense hockey game where the Canucks succeeded in getting entry to the Finals!

Image by Ryan Faubert

Images from Heather Morton

Lots of photographers and industry people found Heather’s speech to be insightful and meaningful. Why are we not surprised?

“Navigating how to promote oneself as a commercial photographer is as difficult as walking a mine field, last night felt like being in on the secret. Also loved your ideas on how to expand one’s business, fascinating. I’ve never heard such a valuable and practical talk, ever!”
– Edith Maybin. Photographer and instructor at Sheridan College:

“Great talk last night Heather! The presentation was fantastic and the content was very compelling. Thank you!” – Raina Kirn of Raina & Wilson Photography:

“Energizing discussion of our challenges; never bogged down by negativity.” – Edward Pond. Photographer:”

Here’s a tip from Photographer Jamie Rosenthal:

“Prepare questions in advance re: self-promotion, social media, portfolios, etc. to take full advantage of her talk.”

Convinced yet?

Purchase your tickets today – don’t wait for tomorrow! It is definitely worth the investment. And, since the Canucks are on their way to the Stanley Cup, there isn’t a good excuse at all to miss this!

Click here to purchase your tickets. Share the information to your colleagues and friends!


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