5 Days to go before Heather’s event!

It’s only 5 days left before Heather Morton comes to Vancouver, and we’re definitely looking forward to it. Her previous event here in the city, held at Sugar Studios, was very well attended. She gave a quick lecture and had a portfolio review as well.

From that, we looked forward for Heather Morton to come again to Vancouver. CAPIC National Board made this possible, and now she is coming to both Vancouver and Toronto next week. She’s also been generating quite a good amount of interest on her blog, talking about what to expect, giving teasers, so it’s something you definitely shouldn’t miss! Check it out here.

From this, we encourage everyone to come! There’s so much to learn, and as a photographer, learning doesn’t ever stop. Looking to enhance your marketing skills as a photographer? Looking to take your photography career more seriously? Want to know how art buyers view and search for photographers? What do you need to do, what risks do you have to take to make yourself a better photographer?

You’ll be hearing from great art directors like Eric Arnold and Nora Ahem.


Eric Arnold is part of Dare Vancouver, and this is what sets them apart:

What sets us apart is our ability to set you apart. Our mission is to bring the best people together to create work that inspired emotion and action. It can be laughter, awe, empathy or understanding. It can be a TV ad, an iPhone app or something we invent (which we do a lot). It just has to be work we can all be proud of, work that has a purpose, and can’t be ignored. This is brand building for the digital age, and this is Dare.


Nora Ahern is part of Village&Co. , a company dedicated to social media. How could we possibly ignore the use of social media in today’s marketing-driven world? Find out more about her here.


Just to get you inspired, CBC launched a recent series called “The Age of Persuasion“. If you listen to latter part of it, you’ll see and understand why taking a little bit more courage and ingenuity combined with the right timing is the best way to get your brand on the map – and remembered.

Be sure to check this out!


Great. Let’s all meet on May 26, 2011, at Vancouver Photo Workshops, 7PM. Register today!


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