CAPIC Vancouver AGM 2011 @ Whitebox Studios

CAPIC Vancouver Chapter Annual General Meeting (AGM) was named “ You have a voice!”, in line with the chapter’s goal to hear your opinions, and to emphasize that members have a say in National issues. The meeting had an election for the new board, a quorum on certain issues for the National AGM, and the signing of the proxies for the National AGM. Although it was the AGM, iit was a shock to see that barely anyone came out.

Nonetheless, there were enough board members and members that came out for the event to hold a meeting without having to reschedule. The election gave us 3 new members in the board: Kharen Hill (National Representative), Karla Lim (VP Communications), and Leyla Bahmanyar (Student Liaison). Two Capilano University IDEA Program Students came out to introduce their program and also raise money for their grad show, where their opening night was last April 18, 2011, and ran all the way until April 22, 2011.

The event gave recognition to David Rossander, the organization administrator, for all his contributions and hard work for the past 14 years he has been in CAPIC. While he was given appreciation during the meeting, the organization encourages all the members to also recognize and thank Dave for his unending support to the chapter. Without him, there would not be a viable and functioning chapter. After all the tasks were accomplished, door prizes were given out which included the highly coveted iPad2 and a $400 waterproof camera case.

The Vancouver Chapter would like to thank the sponsors that have supported the organization throughout the year, and Whitebox Studios for hosting the event. The chapter also urges you, valued members to continuously support events that we host. It is always important to be in a community and your best interest is always on top of our list. This year would be different as the chapter is evaluating the current offering, and will continue to provide informative, timely, relevant and thought-provoking information in support of this industry we are in. You have a voice, and together, WE HAVE A VOICE.


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